As companies prepare for the physical risks associated with climate change and the economic risks associated with their transition to a low-carbon economy, success could depend on their ability to adapt and thrive in this new economic era.

In response to investor and customer expectations calling for greater transparency of ESG performance, the Green2View platform offers customers a complete ESG sustainability performance management solution to help them respond effectively to the opportunities and risks posed by climate change.



The Green2View Software as a Service (SaaS) platform provides a cloud-based sustainability performance management solution. The platform helps customers meet their ESG sustainability objectives – manage risk, benchmark against peers, create value - and extend these across the management of their supply chain.


We do this by turning raw data into ‘sustainability intelligence’. Key ESG performance metrics, policies, reports, projects and tangible actions are captured, monitored, analysed and delivered on any device, via user-friendly, interactive dashboards.


Partners throughout the supply chain are prequalified, assessed for ESG supply performance, compliance, certifications and individually weighted against key requirements.


Our innovative solution provides a visual snapshot of a customer’s sustainability position. Through improved ESG transparency, reporting and benchmarking, customers drive operational efficiencies, enhance brand value, engage with stakeholders through tailored messaging and manage supply chain performance.


Our ‘clever tech’ grows with your business too. Completely scalable and enterprise ready, the system works on any public or private cloud infrastructure and provides automated user authentication via LDAP integration.


Green2View is powered by Donesafe, built on Amazon Web Services enterprise grade cloud infrastructure and is ISO 27001 security certified.


Green2View offers customers a complete ESG sustainability performance management solution to help them respond effectively to the opportunities and risks posed by climate change, during the transition to a low-carbon economy.


Features include:


ESG Real Time Sustainability Position

Critical sustainability data is captured, analysed, monitored and displayed on configurable dashboards, effectively providing a snapshot of your sustainability position in dynamic images, video and copy.


We offer customers progressive comparisons on their data, a carbon calculator, drill-down on data sets across key metrics, Parent/Child reporting structure, visibility and transparency on key metrics and Sustainability policies and stakeholder engagement.


Supply Chain 

Our solution pre-qualifies, assesses, monitors and ranks suppliers and vendors to meet our customer’s unique sustainability or industry guidelines. Suppliers complete purpose-built forms via the Green2View platform before being evaluated on their performance and compliance. They are rated and benchmarked against a customer’s sustainability requirements. 


Reporting & Benchmarking

We offer a cloud-based delivery of our platform to customers for immediate use, with  no IT involvement required. Customers create reports reflecting their ESG position for use in tenders, annual reports, ASX and Board reports; to achieve industry certification, show compliance and for investor evaluation of a company’s ESG performance and strategy. We offer our customers an annual benchmarking and analysis ranking report across the Green2View client suite.


Audit Trail

The integrity of all data entered into the Green2View platform is assured by a full audit trail, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) enterprise grade cloud infrastructure and is ISO27001 security certified. Customers use this data in reports, tenders, certifications and regulatory compliance reporting.


Accreditation, Compliance & Risk 

The Green2View solution helps customers mitigate the increasing economic, social and physical risks of climate change on their business. From certification and regulatory compliance to increasing demand in investor evaluation of a company’s ESG performance and strategy, Green2View offers a complete solution. 


Engage and Communicate 

We recognise the importance of effective and meaningful communication to internal and external stakeholders. Our platform works seamlessly in support of your communications strategy to achieve improved engagement, strengthened brand equity and the embedding of sustainability and compliance across the organisation.


Green2View understands that each customer and industry sector has its own unique set of guidelines and practices. Our innovative solution supports customers to align with international sustainability charters and principles, as well as their own internal policies. Its clever design enables ‘seamless choice’ by customers of the guidelines they want to report on. 


Guidelines include but are not limited to:

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