As companies prepare for the physical risks associated with climate change and the economic risks associated with their transition to a low-carbon economy, success in a post-pandemic world will depend on their ability to adapt and thrive in this new economic era.

Add to this, increasing pressure from investors and other stakeholders as well as regulatory and quasi-regulatory bodies, the conversation isn’t about whether companies should provide sustainability disclosure, it’s about what constitutes good disclosure.


The Green2View platform offers customers a complete ESG sustainability performance management solution, in a single platform.  We help provide the essential link between ‘insight and action’ which is critical to helping stakeholders understand how a company and its Board and management, prioritize sustainability performance and demonstrate the integration to a business strategy that stakeholders are looking to see.


Consistent analysis and reporting across time, comprehensiveness of the scope of information, reliability, accuracy and the inclusion of relevant and material sustainability matters.




'ESG is no longer purely ethical, but rather a financially-motivated search for enlightened management, best practices, and long term returns'

Thomson Reuters, Jan 2018

Green2View offers customers a complete ESG sustainability performance management solution to help them respond effectively to the opportunities and risks posed by climate change, during the transition to a low-carbon economy.




The Green2View Software as a Service (SaaS) platform provides a cloud-based sustainability performance management solution. The platform helps customers meet their ESG sustainability objectives – manage risk, benchmark against peers, create value - and extend these across the management of their supply chain.


Our innovative solution provides a visual snapshot of a customer’s sustainability position. Through improved ESG transparency, reporting and benchmarking, customers drive operational efficiencies, enhance brand value, engage with stakeholders through tailored messaging and manage supply chain performance.



Secure your company's 'license to operate' by demonstrating corporate transparency and responsiveness to stakeholder needs.

Your live sustainability position is presented in dynamic images, video and copy on configurable dashboards.  Critical sustainability data is captured, analyzed, monitored and displayed incorporating progressive comparisons against key metrics, KPI targets and sustainability policies.  Drill down on data sets across key ESG metrics, emissions factor conversions and monitor performance by division, site and consolidated view against month-to-date and year-to-date targets...all streamlined on the Green2View platform.


From certification and regulatory compliance to increasing demand in investor evaluation of a company's ESG performance and strategy, Green2View offers a complete solution.

Address mandatory and global reporting initiatives (UNSDG, GRI Standards, TCFD, SASB), accreditation standards and exhibit adherence to industry ethical standards and legislation including the UN Global Compact and Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth).

Fulfil commitments to track and openly disclose climate-related performance and resilience into your ERM and business plan and provide a 'live' status view for Board and Management oversight.


Provide the essential link between 'insight and action'

Green2View's platform works seamlessly in support of your sustainability strategy.  Effective and meaningful stakeholder engagement and transparent communication of your sustainability performance can assist in easier access to capital by increasing investor confidence, drive sustainability goals and compliance, provide insight into new market possibilities, strengthen brand equity and create value.


Drill down on data sets across key ESG metrics, emissions factor conversions and monitor performance by division, site and consolidated view against month-to-date and year-to-date targets.


Green2View provides a cloud-based sustainability performance management solution. Our 'clever tech' grows with your business.  Completely scalable and enterprise-ready, the system works on any public or private cloud infrastructure and provides automated user authentication via LDAP integration.


Certainty and integrity of all data entered into the Green2View platform is assured by a full audit trail, including streamlined data collection and transparent view of all data logs and emission factor calculations.  The Green2View platform is powered by Donesafe, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure and is ISO27001 security certified.



At Green2View we understand that each customer and industry sector has its own unique set of guidelines and practices. Combined with the sheer number of investor advocacy groups, analysts and regulators, the ability for companies to satisfy all stakeholders can be daunting.

We have built our innovative solution to support customers align with international sustainability charters and principles while at the same time combining their own internal ESG policies and procedures. Green2View's clever design enables ‘seamless choice’ so that customers can choose the guidelines they want. 


Guidelines include but are not limited to:​

PRI (Principles of Responsible Investing
TCFD (The Task Force on Climate Related
ASIC (Australian Securities and Investme
IGCC (Investor Group on Climate Change).
GRI (Global Reporting Initiative).png
Environmental Management System ISO 1400
WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustai
UNGC (United Nations Global Compact).png
SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange).p
NGER (National Greenhouse and Energy Rep
ASX (Australian Stock Exchange Reporting
B Corporation.png
APC (Australian Packaging Covenant).png
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