ESG Real-Time Sustainability Position

Your live  ESG sustainability position is presented in dynamic images, video and copy on configurable dashboards. Critical sustainability data is captured, analyzed, monitored and displayed incorporating progressive comparisons against key metrics, KPI targets and sustainability policies.


Drill down on data sets across key ESG metrics, emissions factor conversions and monitor performance by division, site and consolidated view against month-to-date and year-to-date targets…. all streamlined on the Green2View platform.

GhG Emissions

  • Aggregated Total Amount in CO2e for Scope 1,2,3 (as applicable) 

  • Drill down per site, operational department in CO2e equivalents 

Emissions Intensity

  • Total GhG emissions per output scaling factor

  • Presents a competitive benchmark, risk management indicator and economic efficiency KPI

Energy Usage

  • Total energy directly consumed – Scope 1; indirectly consumed – Scope 2

Energy Mix

  • Capture and report the specific energy sources used e.g. Electricity, Renewable Energy, Gas, Diesel

Water Usage

  • Capture and report the total water consumed

Waste/Recycled Waste

  • Capture and report the total waste generated  

Environmental Operations

  • Transparency of performance against targets and the ability to execute operational tactics  

Climate Oversight - Board & Management

  • Provide Board and Management oversite of ESG strategies, performance and scope of risk 

  • Meet multiple standards including GRI, SASB and TCFD Governance

Climate Risk Mitigation

  • Report the total amount invested, annually, in climate-related infrastructure, resilience and product development