SMEs, or small to medium enterprises, are the backbone of our economy and account for approx. 99.4% of all Australian and New Zealand companies. This means a huge number of businesses face the same challenges – financial success, attracting and retaining customers and staff, brand awareness and competitive differentiation while trying to embrace advancements in technology, not to mention regulatory compliance and red tape. We get it... we are an SME too!

That’s why we developed a sustainability solution expressly for SMEs to help achieve “net-zero” emissions or in other words, carbon neutral status.

Authenticate I  Enterprise-level technology  I  Managed  I  Affordable

Our SME sustainable solution has been developed to be easy....we work with you to ensure real benefits and goals are achieved.

  • Authenticate:  Capture and analyse your key emissions data via our SME calculator. No guesstimates, no assumptions. 

  • Enterprise-level technology:  We use our ESG enterprise data analytics platform to ensure accurate and authentic analysis and validate results.

  • Managed:  Delivered as a SaaS solution, we manage all the technology for you.

  • Affordable: Designed for SMEs, an affordable packaged solution delivering:

    • a customised sustainability report, identifying your baseline emissions, ESG strategy review and next steps for achieving ‘net zero’ status.

    • annual review to ensure ongoing compliance and authenticating results


The benefits of managing and reducing your emissions footprint are many  The Green2View SME solution makes it easy and affordable to authenticate your commitment to emissions reduction, to stand out from the competitors and be a proven sustainable company.


Green2View… Intelligent Sustainability