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Certification I Regulatory Compliance | Global Reporting Initiatives | Risk Management

From certification and regulatory compliance to increasing demand in investor evaluation of a company’s ESG performance and strategy, Green2View offers a complete solution. 


Our solution helps you exhibit corporate adherence to industry ethical standards and national and international frameworks on corporate sustainability and sustainable development (UNSDG, GRI Standards, TCFD, SASB), accreditation standards and exhibit adherence to industry ethical standards and legislation including the UN Global Compact and Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth).

Green2View helps you fulfil your commitments to track and openly disclose climate-related performance and resilience into your ERM and business plan and provides a ‘live’ status view of ESG compliance and risk for Board and management oversight.

Enhanced reputation and branding, improved stakeholder perception and attracting and retaining top talent are just some of the flow-on effects socially responsible and transparencies companies can achieve.

Board Diversity

  • Key metric used to signify an organisation’s effort to implement inclusive practices and the optimal use of available labour and talent

Board Independence​

  • Key metric used to evaluate the efficacy and modernity of the company’s governance structure


Supplier Code of Conduct

  • Key metric used to evaluate the efficacy and scope of enterprise risk management (ERM) across the supply chain

Ethics & Anti-Corruption

  • Informs of a company’s values and a commitment to high standards of ethical conduct to prevent illegal acts. Used to evaluate the efficacy and scope of enterprise risk management (ERM)

Data Privacy

  • In compliance with GRI and SASB initiatives, this key metric is used to measure the sophistication of a company’s risk and security protocols

ESG Reporting

  • Indicates the presence or absence of public communications regarding a company’s ESG performance and the embedding of such data in regulatory filings

Disclosure Practices

  • Key metrics illustrating a company’s history of engagement with sustainability reporting frameworks, data availability and access

External Assurance

  • Key metrics validation by a third party is key to meeting GRI and UNGC initiatives