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Of course you do! But are you ready to apply the authenticity blow-torch to sustainability practices across your business? Your survival could depend on it.

There are now around 2 billion Gen Z’s (those born after 2000) on the planet and they are emerging as a powerful new force in authentic and sustainable consumerism. With a multi-billion dollar combined purchasing power, their voice is loud and clear, especially when it comes to sustainability. They want truthful, authentic engagement from brands, who respect the world and its people. (

A recent survey of Gen Z conducted by UK firm Sustainly revealed:

· 60% of Gen Z buy brands that back issues, important to them - human rights, race, sexual orientation and environment

· 50%+ say they are influenced to purchase from brands with a social conscience

· 67% wants brands to be true to their values


Gen Z’s are tipped to make up 40% of global consumers by 2020 – that’s $44bn in purchasing power. ( Their opinions and decisions to purchase from you are critically influenced by digital and social media. In turn, through global connectivity, they profoundly influence trends and behaviours through their perceptions about the quality and ethicacy of products, the credibility and authenticity of brands and their environmental impacts. Digital opinion rules! Remember, these are the kids born with ‘tech’ in their hands, the visual generation, with the ‘eight-second’ attention span. (

So what are you waiting for? Surely it’s time to make sustainability the centrepiece of your business, if you want to grow brand loyalty with this tech-savvy, mindful new generation.

Transparent reporting of sustainability in your Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), and Sustainability in your Supply Chain, is the first step to meeting Gen Z’s demands for authentic and sustainable consumerism.

At Green2View, we aspire to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Our platform offers a sophisticated sustainability and communications digital solution – a visual snapshot of your ESG position, ideal for instant communication to the digital natives of Gen Z. We make it easy for business to meet ESG sustainability objectives both internally and across their supply chain. We achieve this through sustainability monitoring and analytics, performance benchmarking, stakeholder communications and pre-qualification and monitoring of supply chain.

By cleverly turning raw data into 'sustainability intelligence', Green2View supports transparency in ESG reporting and drives enhanced brand loyalty, stakeholder engagement, operational efficiencies and supply chain performance.


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