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During this year's NAIDOC Week celebrations, wouldn't it be great if Australian business really stood-up and took notice of the burgeoning talent, entrepreneurship and expertise displayed by so many indigenous owned and operated companies.

The pool of talent, the opportunities and the sheer joy of working with indigenous groups is an intangible asset that cannot be measured. The fact that the business community reaps financial benefits from buying goods and services through Supply Nation is one thing, but the movement towards recognising the stand-alone talent and business acumen of our indigenous operators, is well overdue.

We have one week every year to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and that is NAIDOC Week. But let's get serious and celebrate our 'first peoples' in the business community, where they thrive, match and often rival, existing business operators.

At GREEN2VIEW, we value our indigenous partners and are proud to be associated with two outstanding organisations: Goanna Services, which provides customised Indigenous contract services and labour solutions; and Goanna Solutions, a technology solutions provider.

These are dynamic and successful businesses and GREEN2VIEW is extremely fortunate to have them representing our sustainability platform in the market. This is largely due to the fact that we share a professional synergy and ethos about how we want to operate - we use 'business as a force for good'. And at the centre of our business is the desire to protect the land we all inhabit, based on a shared connection to country, protect the land we all inhabit, based on a shared connection to country. For us, this means sustainability in your Environment, Social and Governance, and Sustainability in your Supply Chain management.

So congratulations from GREEN2VIEW to Goanna Services, Goanna Solutions and all the indigenous business operators for their dedication to success in business. Let's make NAIDOC Week 2019 the year we recognise business prowess and celebrate the skills and achievements of our indigenous community.


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