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Employee Certification (Shuterstock 1412


Embracing values and providing guidance on the principles, practices and standards of behaviour required from employees, contractors and suppliers is imperative to achieve and maintain a company’s reputation as an employer of choice, an ethical business partner and a good corporate citizen - a foundation pillar of ESG sustainability.

Green2View’s Employee Certification solution assists in the communication of a company’s mission, values and policies, which guide their criteria for decision-making and its ground rules for appropriate behaviour.

Our ESG sustainability platform provides a central depository and reference module which can be open to all employees and contractors to support day-to-day decision making, regulatory compliance and standards and electronically certify and record acceptance of key policies. 

  • Open to all employees and contractors

  • Complements existing employee management and OHS systems

  • Part of an onboarding process for new employees, contractors and part-time staff to view and accept company policies and codes such as Code of Conduct and Ethics, Human Rights Policy, Work Health and Safety Policy, Privacy Policy

  • Annual review to assess employees’ compliance with new policies can be communicated across an organisation

  • Electronic signature capturing acceptance of the policies is recorded and sent directly to the responsible department or business unit

  • System messaging supports individual reminders, updates and assists in tracking acceptance of company policies and codes

  • Provides a central repository to view company codes and policies, assisting employees to locate relevant documents related to ethics within the company

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