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‘Net-zero’, ‘carbon neutral’, ‘carbon negative’, ‘deep decarbonization’, ‘net-negative emissions’, 'climate positive’


What does it all mean?

Well, the simple answer is that there is no single standard that governs the way net-zero is defined and measured, or even how it should be communicated.  This leaves it open for companies to market their sustainability goals and achievements using various standards and trying to understand just what these commitments deliver has become increasingly difficult, especially for customers wanting to compare companies’ products and services.

So how can we help?

We work with companies to achieve their goal of Carbon Neutrality which can be used by an organisation when it has been demonstrated that GHG emissions have firstly been accurately calculated and accounted for and then offset so that net emissions equal zero.



​Authenticate  I  Green2View’s ESG platform captures and analyses critical sustainability

data across the organisation, quantifying aggregated total CO2-e for Scope 1,2,3. 

Set baseline emissions  I  Once quantified ongoing emissions reduction targets can be set and monitored in ‘real-time’ against performance.

Carbon Offsetting  I  By implementing emission reduction actions to cut their output – such as efficiency measures or buying green energy - companies can use carbon offsets to offset any remaining emissions in order to reach ‘net-zero’. 

Carbon Offsetting Projects we endorse

We work with key organisations in purchasing carbon credits in globally certified projects.  These include:

  • Gold Standard VER (Verified Emission Reduction) projects - provide high-quality carbon offsetting, as well as social and community benefits

  • Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) - fully accredited and traded carbon credits sourced from projects worldwide, with the majority verified by the VCS Program that an eligible offset under the Australian Federal Government's Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard (formerly the National Carbon Offset Standard)


  • Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets projects which are legally protected by 100-year Carbon Right and Carbon Covenant registered on the land titles

Green2View… Intelligent Sustainability

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