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  • Evelyn Moore


After 112 days of lockdown, Melbourne has finally reopened for business and our hearts go out to you as we applaud your courage, tenacity, lockdown-endurance, kindness and your commitment to beating Covid-19.

With zero new cases and no deaths (as of yesterday), life is slowly returning to a ‘new normal’ as retail, pubs, restaurants and other businesses reopen.

We can’t diminish the depth of your suffering – the financial and emotional cost of one-million workers forced to stay home to battle the second wave; the night-time curfew; and more than any other state, you’ve borne the loneliness and sadness brought about by the isolation, illness and death of loved ones.

You have our gratitude and our respect and we look forward to working with you, as we embrace the ‘new normal’ of post-covid life.

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